OCTOBER 28, 2010

8:00 pm - 4:00 am

At the
168 Delancey St.
Between Clinton
& Attorney Streets


Below are some of the
unique bands, artists and
guests who’ll be participating.

(More will be announced so check back here for updates.)
MC's & DJ's:
  • Tessie Chua (Hostess & MC)
  • Ivan Ivan (DJ)
  • Mark Kamins (DJ)
  • Mojo (DJ)
  • Anita Sarko (DJ)
  • Dave Street (MC)

  • Marty Abrams (video)
  • Merrill Aldighieri (video)
  • Robert Carrithers (film, photography)
  • Brien Coleman (photography)
  • William Coupon (photography)
  • Robin Crutchfield (video)
  • Kathy Dumas (photography)
  • Linda Dawn Hammond (photography)
  • Frank Holliday (video)
  • Francine Hunter McGivern (video, photography)
  • Eric Marciano (video)
  • Nightclubbing (video)
  • Marcia Resnick (photography)
  • Kate Simon (photography)
  • Sur Rodney Sur & Tessie Chua (video)
  • Allan Tannenbaum (photography)
  • Harvey Wang (photography)
  • Chris Yuin (photography)

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NOTE: No physical tickets
have been shipped. Your name will be on the list at the door, bring photo ID.